Importance of being in good and bad company in life

The company in life should be for good and not waste your time and wisdom by falling into bad company.

Company in life who associate with good people in their life have good conduct. Good behavior. People are capable of talking in groups. One gets to learn courtesy from them, which expands the contact. People consider him educated and intelligent.


Company in life coming in contact with an evil person leads to an increase in wickedness.

By being with a person who causes harm without cause, his nature also becomes like him. Living with a wicked person leads to the development of deceit, deceit, hatred, negative personality. Due to which the goodness of life ends and rigidity resides in the flow of body and mind. The beauty of life dissolves in the dullness. It is always the nature of being angry. The thought of forcibly snatching away from others keeps popping up in my mind time and again. The happiness of life does not remain easy. Life becomes ugly in discomfort. The future of such a person ends soon.


The person should increase contact with people thoughtfully.

Friendship should be developed only by identifying good and bad company in life. If he has the feeling to make some kind of mistake then do not increase contact with him at all. His future is hanging in the balance and don’t get yourself into that mess. It doesn’t take much time to change the nature of a person. It is better if you make friends with people according to your nature. Who doesn’t understand. If it is not sitting in your mind, then do not make it your own forcibly. If the outer dimension is attracting him, then with the spirit of his inner self, he moves ahead and then everything will be fine. The inner voice always shows the right path. Do as the inner mind tells you and while making contact, take care of your position and respect. There is nothing greater than self-confidence.


company in life
company in life