No one knows when the world has originated and no one knows when this world will end. The world that runs from eternity will continue to run for eternity, this is universe.

Human beings also live in the world of animals, birds, trees, plants, water, sky, fire, soil, air.

The average human life attained 100 years of age, after the age of 60, very few people remain safe and healthy. If we look from the world’s point of view, then the age of human is very short, which cannot be understood even by a straw.

Human life is very short from the point of view of knowledge.

Therefore, only that work should be done which can be completed. The work that can never be completed should not be done. Meaning that at any time in life, good and important work should always be completed. Which runs the door. Home is the sustenance of the family. By doing this, there is peace and balance in life. Doing the work which has a bad effect should not be done at all. To hurt, hurt, condemn, do evil to someone should always be avoided. By doing such a thing, nothing but disturbance in life is achieved. God is never happy by hurting the heart of others.

Good and philanthropic work should be done for the development of human life and humanity.

Human life of grieving people should be served and helped. Right and balanced knowledge should be learned by staying in the company of the wise and the learned, so that one can benefit oneself and others. Knowledge and scholar should be respected. By doing this, the effect of their knowledge goes to the inner mind, due to which the mind gets incomparable peace. The peace of real life lies within the inner mind. In the outside world, happiness and sorrow are mixed. Good and bad deeds happen regularly. If someone says that I do not do any mistake, then it is wrong that mistakes happen in balanced life too, but if they are done for good.

the importance of work’s spirit is peaceful and pleasant.

Then that mistake is considered good, not a mistake. The mind gets peace only by doing good and benevolent work. The goodness of others also gives a lot of peace to the mind, which increases enthusiasm and gaiety. When enthusiasm and gaiety start increasing in real peace, then it creates a peaceful environment, which has an effect on both the outer and inner mind. Then real peace is attained.

Human life
Human life

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