Knowledge of people in according to Master Vishnugupta Chanakya, one should not live in a region where rich, scholar, king, doctor, river is not available.

Living knowledge in the midst of wealthy people

Knowledge of people increases work and business, due to which the people associated with it are nourished. The sustenance of life is done by money only. Money can buy everyday things. Nothing can be bought without money. Living in a place where rich people live and do business leads to good living. Where there is a place for rich people, there is full of prosperity.

The place where rich people do not live, but small fat people do not live there. It becomes difficult to arrange money when needed. People do not get work. Due to unemployment, if food is not available in the house properly, then the possibility of malnutrition in the family increases. Therefore, one should not stay in such a place where rich people do not live.

Knowledge of religion is protected by living among people

who have knowledge of spiritual knowledge. People have knowledge of right and wrong, have knowledge of policy rules. Get a chance to understand the balance of life. Spiritual knowledge of real life is attained. The knowledge of Dharma is the weapon. The people of the noble clan spread knowledge among the people by meditating on spiritual knowledge.

In which knowledge is imparted to the people by giving examples through Veda Purana mythological history. From which people get education at present. Living among such spiritual and learned people leads to meditation and spread of knowledge through which knowledge is transmitted in the life of the people. Where knowledge and scholars do not reside, they should not live there. By living in such a place, chaos, deceit, earning money by harming others, only people of all kinds of misbehavior nature are found. Where there is a lack of knowledge, there is only ignorance. Therefore, one should never stay in such a place.

For knowledge of people the king controls the justice and governance system in the country.

Due to which the common citizen gets security and rights. Due to the proper functioning of the king’s system of governance, no person has to face any suffering. Life goes on in a normal way with protection from the wicked and state support in compulsion. Due to which people get security and peace in normal life. Where there is no king or any ruler, the administration is also absent. Due to which the security ends. Anarchy ensues. Theft and looting are seen every day. There is no one to see the weak and the weak. The weak are persecuted on the basis of strength and power. Where there is lack of administration and justice system, there should never be.

River is a source of water.

The water of the river provides drinking water and water for irrigation of the field. Animals and birds come to the banks of the river to drink water and get satisfied by drinking water. The passerby also gets drinking water from the flowing river found on the way. Therefore water is life. Where there is no one for water or there is no source of water, there is no animal or bird. Their shelter is also near the river or the source of water. Water is as important for humans as water is essential for other living beings. Where drinking water and water for irrigation of the field is not available, it should not be kept running. Such places are considered barren and deserted.

Vaidya is also called life saver.

The treatment of any disease is with the doctor. Claims and cures are done through therapy. From time to time, there are diseases and defects in the human body, during the change of seasons and diseases, there is a need for a doctor, due to which the human body is protected from disease. Where there is no Vaidya or any doctor, then the treatment of disease is not available to the people at that place according to the time and life will start ending during the disease. Therefore, one should not stay in such a place where no doctor or doctor is available.

For the protection and development of life, one should reside at the same place where there is a rich, scholar, king, doctor and river.

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