Life is moving towards death every moment

Man’s life is moving towards death every moment life death quotes

life death quotes life moving towards death as he grows with birth, he comes closer to death. Even though people say that “I have grown so much” but in reality he becomes so small in his life. As you get older, you get older. Simultaneously, it reduces the time of its life. Human life has great importance. Man has got the mind, emotion, intellect, conscience and spirituality apart from other beings. Which does good and bad work.

With the decreasing age, it is very good for a man to be aware of himself life death quotes

God’s given life is for good and welfare work. Whatever is attained in destiny is for living. Due to which human beings earn lakhs of crores. Unless a person does welfare work, the goal of his life is not achieved.

Wealth is earned by doing good and fruitful work in life.

Part of the money goes to the household. Which feeds the family. Out of the money earned by him, food to the poor, by helping the needy, both soul and mind get satisfaction. Man’s life is really for self-satisfaction and contentment of mind. Wealth never ends by helping the poor and needy. Rather, by helping them, the dimension of wealth increases. With the contentment of the mind, the dimension of work increases. The dimension of luck increases with the satisfaction of the soul. Attraction increases in a simple and calm gesture. Through all these a person becomes wealthy.

Death occurs only in the body of the five elements life death quotes

The mind and soul reside in the body. One who is immortal and immortal. By doing welfare work, the dimension of both the mind and the soul increases, the positive feeling increases. Negative sentiment ends.


life moving towards death life death quotes
life is moving towards death life death quotes

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