One has to face many types of people, creatures and places in life, but there are some which should not be believed.

Many types of people never trust a lion, leopard, tiger, jackal, fox, jackal, crocodile with big nails.

Types of people seen they are ferocious and animal-eating creatures, whenever they feel hungry, they make their food whatever they get. At least staying away from such a creature saves one’s life.

Types of people should never trust a horned animal, especially a bull.

These animals are vegetarians. Both wild and domesticated. Seeing his life in insecurity, he sometimes attacks anyone with a horn on his head to protect his life. Due to their attack, there is a fear of breaking the bones of the hands, legs and waist, which also affects life. Therefore, one should keep a proper distance from such a creature.

A woman with a weapon should not be trusted at all.

Only a clever and angry woman keeps weapons. You can never expect such a woman to get angry on what. It can create trouble for anyone who needs it with its cleverness. It is good if you stay away from such a woman. Never trust such a woman.

They are committed to the national religion. They have knowledge of policy rules. Ordinary man does not have all that knowledge. If he does not like them in any kind of conversation with them or if the policy is inappropriate against the rule, then they can get punished by taking any kind of action. One should only talk to such a person whose proof is with himself, one should not talk inappropriately to such a person.

Where no pier has been built, there should not be a water on the banks of the vast river.

There is no confidence in the flow of water in a big river. Whenever water is released from the dam, the water level rises. The embankment slips from its place. The houses and huts built on the banks are all washed away due to the fierce water. One cannot rely on the mighty waters of a big river. From such a place, your house or hut should be made in a safe place.

It is not proper to believe in big nails and horned creatures, huge rivers, women with arms, royal servants and people associated with them.

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