One should not play with the mind in life.


Life exists from the mind. In every action the mind dominates. If the mind is not engaged in any work, there is no success in it. Once the mind is engaged in something less than the law, then no one can stop it from getting success. The mind is the external form of the soul. Spirit is the inner power of the mind from which the mind gets constant energy. Well there are 3 types of mind. The conscious mind and the unconscious mind are in the knowledge of people. The subconscious mind is very active. Whatever success is achieved in life, it is from the nature of the subconscious mind itself.

In the subsistence of life, the activity in the activities comes from the subconscious mind to the external mind. If the power of the subconscious mind is getting less in physical activity, then along with the deterioration of the mind, the body also starts getting sick. To keep the mind and body healthy, positive thinking and necessary activities should be kept active. Due to which positive energy should be continuously received.

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