Real Brother

If you understand the difference between a friend and a brother,

Then a friend is your own even though you are an alien. A brother is his real brother as well as a relative. Your relative may be a foreigner for a time, but a brother is not a foreigner even if he is a distant relative. He is called the true brother.

When the body starts getting weak after suffering from disease.

there is no strength in the body, then the one who gives his support. Protects home and family. Stays with you in sorrow. Stands together when the time of sorrow comes in life. Provides support in times of famine. He helps in all kinds of troubles at home due to drying up of grains in agriculture or rising in the river. Protects life by risking his life when attacked by the enemy. Stands together when there is any issue in front of the government and administration. Helps in every way during the court hearing. Even when dies, he does not leave his side. In times of sorrow, the one who supports you till the crematorium till the way of crematorium palace is called a true brother.

Usually for some kind of help, whom are called. They also say thank you

When they get help from them. But the one who helps in the time of trouble, supports till the end. In times of sorrow, he is never separated from himself. At such times, only the one who gives support is called a true brother.

Real Brother

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