Sound and light companies names decorator companies to provide the service of sound and light

Sound and light companies names


There are decoration companies to provide the service of sound and light. Which are invited by paying them advance for weddings and events. Wedding, birthday, anniversary, celebration the decorator and event company work for the decoration of any event.


To make your event colorful

The decorator itself is reduced with all kinds of decorations, big horns and speakers, mic, loud speaker for high quality sound to make the stage and the guest visiting and listening in it. Types of arrangements do the decorator.

gold mandap set

To make the stage colorful

The use of light colored bulbs with different types of lights fills the stage and all the way to and from the mall with light. In this, generators are also used for artificial electricity, which runs both the light and sound equipment.


Ramnath Kalarathi Enterprise

for designing of wedding mandap stage in fiberglass and stage set up

for design photo graph: