The wisdom of the wise is to be mindful of the education and knowledge of their children.

Wisdom of the wise of intelligent people encourage their children towards education and knowledge.

Wisdom of the wise human beings are educated only. Knowledge is for achieving progress in life. It is very important to be educated to talk to people politely. The understanding of the subject comes from knowledge. The understanding of the object is achieved by examining it. High class people are treated with respect. With cleverness the most difficult tasks are accomplished. The knowledge of keeping equal feelings in happiness and sorrow is attained only through education. Knowledge is very necessary to handle life wisely.

Intellectuals always spend time and money

on the education and education of their children. They want to see their talent in their children and move forward with it. Respect and respect in the society are received on the strength of education and knowledge. A wise man should be proud of his talent.

Wisdom of the wise always a longing for a wise person that

Whatever children do, they should do it for their self-esteem. Struggle tireless hard work in life comes from the talent. Getting good marks in class in childhood education and writing. By being engaged in education, the mind becomes aware and active. If there is no bad concept in life, so intellectuals motivate their children to progress in their education.

Wisdom along with giving success in life

Education and knowledge also keeps away from the evil of the world. To make the mind pure and successful. The knowledge of tireless work is given to the children from childhood through education. By being intelligent and active, the children are kept aware of the truth. Not giving importance to the mind in the upbringing of the children.

Wise with writing in education and knowledge

Giving encouragement for good work on aging leads to development of experience in knowledge. In order to understand the subject closely, intelligent people get their children higher education. Higher education is important in the functioning of life. To accomplish the biggest task in life. Higher education is useful only to understand the nuances of the subject.

Knowledge is a storehouse of virtues.

Through the study of many books and books, extraordinary talent is attained. Intellectual people always advise their children to read good books. The reading of the book increases the attention and concentration dimension. In which talent gets a chance to grow. The mind and soul are purified only by good qualities and knowledge. To keep the dimension of life positive and active, the attention of books is well known to the educated person.

Wisdom is only through education and knowledge

Children move ahead and attain the status of a gentleman. Glorifies the name of his parents. Become a factor of inspiration for your family and society. In which the main contribution of their upbringing is considered to be their intellectually caring parents. By making his children aware of knowledge from childhood, he inspires them to become gentlemen.

wisdom of the wise
wisdom of the wise

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